Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)

The EPAs constitute an instrument combining EU trade and development policy. The European Union has concluded Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. These agreements aim at supporting regional integration initiatives within the ACP countries and at fostering the countries’ gradual integration into the global economy.

The European Commission started Formal EPA negotiations, in September 2002. Whereas the regional negotiations with the Carribean and Eastern and Southern Africa only started in 2004, negotiations with West Africa and Central Africa were already initiated, in October 2003.

The first full regional EPA is the Cariforum, which was concluded at the end of 2007. Further African and Pacific countries or regions in Africa and the Pacific concluded interim agreements that serve as the basis for full regional EPAs currently under negotiation.

There are seven groupings of Economic partnership agreements.

(Source: European Commission)

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