Collective Requests

Collective Requests connected to Plurilateral negotiations

As agreed in §7 of the Annex C of the Hong Kong WTO Ministerial Declaration in December 2005, WTO Members agree that “in addition to bilateral negotiations, […] the request-offer negotiations should also be pursued on a plurilateral basis in accordance with the principles of the GATS and the Guidelines and Procedures for the Negotiations on Trade in Services”. 

ESF welcomes the large number of Collective Requests that were sent by various groups of Requesting Countries to Recipient Countries in due time by 28 February 2006. Only very few countries tabled their Collective Requests in the weeks after 28 February. This allowed meeting the Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration’s first deadline. 

Click on the sectors’ links below to access the text of the Collective Requests that leaked over the internet. Please consider that not all of these requests are publicly available. Therefore, the list below lacks completeness. 

  1. Air Transport Services
  2. Architectural, Engineering and Integrated Engineering Services 
  3. Audio Visual Services
  4. Computer Related Services 
  5. Construction Services 
  6. Cross Border Supply of Services (Mode 1)
  7. Distribution Services
  8. Education Services
  9. Energy services 
  10. Environmental Services
  11. Financial Services
  12. Legal Services
  13. Logistics Services
  14. Maritime Transport Services
  15. Movement of Natural Persons (Mode 4)
  16. Postal and Courier Services 
  17. Telecommunications Services