Negotiating Proposals

The negotiating proposals provide the very basis for the DDA negotiations. Having been tabled by the WTO Member States between 2000 and 2002, they comprise a very first outline of the States’ offers. 

For an enhanced understanding of the negotiating proposals’ sector specific classifications, ESF recommends consulting the WTO Secretariat’s Sector Specific Background Notes.

In the list below, you find the services sectors that are subject to GATS Sectoral Negotiating Proposals as well as a list of the respective proposing countries. The sectors are ordered according to their UN CPC / W 120 Classification). The Proposals are listed in chronological order according to the date they were submitted to the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

Click on the respective countries to see the text related to the services sector you are interested in.


1 Professional Services
  Accounting Services
  Legal Services
  Architectural Services
2 Business Services (other than professional services)
  Computer and Related Services
3 Postal/Courier Services
4 Telecommunication Services
5 Audio-visual and related services
6 Construction and Related engineering Services
7 Distribution Services
8 Education and Training Services
9 Environmental Services
10               Financial Services
11 Tourism and Related Services
12 Recreational, Cultural and Sporting services
13 Transport services
  Logistic and related services
  Maritime Transport
  Air Transport
14 Other services not included elsewhere:
Energy Services
  Oil and Gas Services

General or Horizontal Negotiating Proposals:

1          General or introductory communications
Special Treatment for Developing countries
2 Domestic Regulation
Transparency in Domestic Regulation
3 Movement of Natural Persons (Mode 4)
4 MFN Exemptions analysis
5 Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
6 Autonomous Liberalisation
8 Government Procurement of Services
9 Commercial Presence (Mode 3)

Source: WTO

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