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Press Releases

ESF issues press releases in order to draw public attention to a specific issue at stake whenever appropriate.

2012 :

Governments Must Act Now To Launch Plurilateral Negotiations On Services – GSC Press release -20 September 2012

Global Services Coalition Statement on plurilateral Services Agreement – 19 September 2012

2011 :

Global Services Coalition Statement on services negotiations – Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) – Hong Kong – 3 June 2011


European Services industry calls EU and India leders to boost EU-India FTA – 7 December 2010

European Services industry urges to swiftly conclude trade negotiations with Andean and Central American countries – Brussels, 24 February 2010


Global services businesses call for completion of the Doha Round – Washington, 14 October 2009

The European Services Industries welcomes the initialling of the EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement – 15 October 2009

Global Services Coalition Letter to G20 leaders in preparation of the London Summit – 12 March 2009

ESF urges all EU Member States to support the European Union Chief Negotiator, Trade Commissioner Baroness Catherine Ashton to swiftly conclude FTA with Korea – 6 February 2009


European service industries call for urgent move into the services component for a final WTO balanced deal – Brussels, 22 May 2008

Global Services Coalition: Better Offers on Services Essential to Doha Round Success – 16 April 08

Global Services Coalition considers WTO Services Report a Useful Start – 12 February 2008

Global Services Coalition Press Statement in reaction to Chairman De Mateo Report on the Elements Required for the completion of the Services Negotiations – 12 February 2008



ESF welcomes Pascal Lamy’s Speech at the ESF/LSE Event – London, 15 October 2007

Global Services Coalition: Doha Round Services Negotiations Must Deliver Ambitious Results – Geneva, 27 September 2007

Global Services Coalition Laments the Failure of G4 Leaders to Unlock the Doha Round in Potsdam, Germany – Bogota, 21 June 2007

Global Services Coalition: Progress in Services Negotiations Needed to Secure Business Support for Doha Round – 21 February

European Business For Doha – 25 January 2007

International Business Statement for Doha – 15 January 2007


Global Services Coalition statement to APEC Leaders – 7th November

Joint Business Organisations Statement on the Collapse of the WTO Talks – 26 July 2006

ESF Deeply Regrets the Doha Collapse – Brussels, 24 July 2006

Global Services Coalition call on G8 Leaders to unlock the Doha Round – Geneva, 13, July 2006

Global services coalition expresses frustration over missed WTO Deadline; rejects lowering of ambition in Doha Round – 29 April 2006


Global Services Coalition assess the WTO Declaration as a “Useful Springboard” for Doha Round Services Talks – Hong Kong, 18 December 2005

UNICE & ESF Reaction to Hong Kong Ministerial conclusion – Hong Kong, 18 December 2005

Global Services Coalition Roundtable at WTO Ministerial Hong Kong, 15th December 2005 Conference in Hong Kong

European Business Backs Commissioner Mandelson – Hong Kong, 16 Dezember 2005

Global Service Coalition leaders urge a realignment of priorities in the Doha Round – Geneva, 28 September 2005

European Services Industry Leaders meet EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson and insist that substantial Services liberalisation is essential to a successful Doha Round-Brussels, 27 June 2005

Global Services Coalition claims that services crisis in the WTO demands bold action – Geneva, 24 June 2005

European Services Industry Leaders insist that substantial services liberalisation is essential to a successful Doha Round – 31 May 2005

European Services Industry Issues a Wake-up Call Urging Progress in the WTO Services negotiations – 7 April 2005 


Joint Coalition Letter to WTO Director-General Supachai Panitchpakdi, urging that services be given treatment equal to that of agriculture and goods in the text – 20 July 2004

OPEN LETTER of Nine Services Coalitions to the WTO Delegations “Services Industry Leaders’ message on the crucial importance of services in the DDA” – Geneva, 25 June 2004

International Business Stakeholder Petition to National Leaders and WTO Members on the Doha Development Agenda – 30 April 2004

Worldwide Services coalition call to WTO members: “Liberalization of Services Trade Must Move Forward” – Geneva, 22 March 2004


Private Sector Service Industries around the World Call for Stalled WTO Negotiations to Resume (30 September)

European Services Businesses call upon all WTO Members to ensure success in Cancun (3 September n (3 September 200(29 April 2003) – 19 kb

ESF welcomes the EU GATS Initial Offer – 29 April 2009

ESF welcomes the EU GATS initial offer

ESF Refute the Anti-GATS Campaigners’ Arguments – 13 March 2003


ESF warmly welcomes the EU GATS Requests – 4 July 2002

Christopher Roberts to Chair EU Services Group – 11 April 2002


European Business welcomes new trade negotiations – UNICE-ESF Press release – Doha, 14 November 2001

CSI, ESF, JSN Call jointly for a new WTO Round – 10 November 2001


The European Service Industries supports Services Negotiations in Geneva (18/04/2000) – 38 kb


ESF Leaders met Trade Commissioner Lamy – 8 November 1999

ESF launch

ESF warmly welcomes the EU GATS request – 29 April 2003

European business call upon all WTO members to ensure success in Cancun – 3 september 2003

UNICE ESF reaction to Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration

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