Position papers

ESF has adopted a large number of position papers highlighting the interests of the European services industry with regard to international trade. These papers have been forwarded to the main European interlocutors dealing with international trade policy.


Joint Statement by Business Associations worldwide on MC10 in Nairobi – December 2015

European services industry views on ISDS – May 2015

GSC Business Delegation to Geneva during TiSA round, joint statement – April 2015

Joint EU Industry Letter on new China Banking regulation – February 2015

Joint Industry Statement on financial services regulatory cooperation & market access in TTIP – February 2015

ESF actions in support of investment protection and ISDS in TTIP – January 2015



ESF Position Paper on Regulatory Cooperation in TTIP: The case of the services sectors – November 2014

Business Alliance for TTIP: Joint Statement on regulatory cooperation – 7th TTIP round – September 2014

EU industry associations call for renewed engagement with India – September 2014

Global Services Coalition Position Paper on TiSA – September 2014

ESF Paper on  Key Principles in Bilateral Investment Agreements – May 2014


Global Services Coalition call for an ambitious TiSA to be concluded by 2015 – May 2014

ESF letter to EU Ministers to pursue ambitious EU-Japan FTA, and EU Business Joint-Statement- May 2014

BUSINESS Alliance for TTIP Press Release ahead of Fourth Round – 10 March 2014



ESF signed Joint business statement in view of the upcoming EU-Japan Summit – November 2013

GSC Communique on the on-going Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) – October 2013

ESF signed joint letter on CETA to Barroso and Harper – October 2013

GSC Letter to Trade Ministers of TiSA Countries – September 2013

ESF adopted a Position Paper on the Cross Border Data Flows – May 2013



Joint EU Industry letter on India Preferential Market Access (PMA) in public procurement – 20 December 2012

European services industry calls for launch of plurilateral negotiations on services as soon as possible – 12 November 2012

ESF-US CSI Joint Contribution to Public Consultation on EU-US Regulatory Cooperation on services – 12 November 2012

The Canadian and EU business communities’ call for a successful conclusion to the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) – 22 October 2012

Joint Industry Letter on EU Insitutions trialogue on Proposal for a Directive on Intra-Corporate Transferees – ICT – 16 October 2012

GSC Letter on Liberalisation of FDI in the Thai Life & Non-Life Insurance industries – 10 October 2012

ESF signed European business coalition letter calling for ratification of EU-Colombia and Peru FTA – 3 October 2012

ESF letter to Commissioner de Gucht voicing support for launch of EU-Japan FTA negotiations – 10 July 2012

ESF Signs Multi-Association Statement on Japan Post Reform – 6 April 2012

ESF Signs Multi-Association  Letter to Indian PM Concerning New Preferential Market Access Rules – 4 April 2012



ESF letter to Ignacio Garcia-Bercero on importance of services commitments in India FTA – 5 December 2011

Joint industry communication on Trade Finance and the unintended consequences of Basal III – 1 December 2011 (additional note)

Joint industry letter on the draft Intra-Corporate Transfer directive – 29 November 2011

ESF letter to Commissioners for Trade, Home Affairs and Digital Agenda on Cross-Border Data Flows – 22 November 2011 – (see GSC and FLWG Statement)

ESF letter to INTA Committee Chairman on Colombia, Peru and Central America trade agreements – 21 November 2011

ESF services priorities letter and paper on EU-Malaysia trade negotiations – 9 November 2011

ESF and BUSINESSEUROPE joint letter on negative impact of CRD IV on trade finance – 24 October 2011

ESF letter to Commissioner De Gucht concerning EU investment policy towards China – 7 October 2011

ESF letter to Joint Secretary Prasad in response to the Indian Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion’s discussion paper on FDI and equity caps – 15 July 2011

ESF endorses joint association letter on Proposal for Directive on Intra-Corporate Transferees – 22 June 2011

ESF endorses paper on Reinvigorating Open Trade in Financial Services – 10 June 2011

ESF Priorities on EU-Mercosur FTA negotiations – 8 April 2011



ESF Priorities on EU-India FTA negotiations – 6 December 2010

European Services Industry priorities on EU-Singapore FTA negotiations – 12 July 2010

GSC support for the G20 leaders’ commitment in the Toronto Summit Declaration to conclude DDA – 5 Juillet 2010

European Services Industry views on the EU new investment policy – 25 June 2010

European Services Industry call for an ambitious EU-MERCOSUR Trade Agreement – 14 June 2010

Ahead of G20 Toronto Summit, Global Services Industries call on G20 Leaders to continue the fight against protectionism and conclude the WTO Doha Round – 10 June 2010

ESF Letter to EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht on European service industries on EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement – 18 March 2010



ESF Letter to European Commission’s President José Mauel Barroso on the European Services Industry Priorities on Trade and Investment – 25 November 2009

Letter to the European Commissioner of Trade Catherine Ashton on Mutual Recognition Agreements in Architectural Services – 21 September 2009

ESF Letter on the FTA negotiations with Korea to the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso – 6 July 2009

Global Services Coalition Issues Letter to G-20 Leaders before London Summit – 12 March 2009



ESF Chairman letter to EU Trade Commissioner Ashton on EU-Korea – 10 November 2008

Global Services Coalition letter calling to refrain from protectionism sent to the leaders of the G20 – 3 November 2008



ESF Commentary on Domestic Regulation Draft Disciplines by WTO WDPR Chairman – 24 July 2007

Call for substantial services package in the DDA : ESF letter to WTO DG Pascal Lamy – 5 July 2007

ESF submission in response to DG Trade Questionnaire on FTAs – 5 June 2007

Call for substantial services package in the DDA – 4 June 2007

ESF letter to G4 WTO Trade Ministers – 4 June 2007

Letter from Mr Mandelson to Lord Vallance on DDA EPA – 22-05-07

ESF Letter to Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson on Services in DDA and EPAs – 17 April 2007 and the Commissioner’s response – 22 May 2007

ESF submission in response to DG trade Questionnaire – 5 June 2007

ESF views on the Commission’s Communication on a stronger partnership to deliever access for European exporters – 7 June 2007

ESF Position paper on EU Free Trade Agreements – 2 March 2007

ESF position paper on EU Free Trade Agreements – 28 February 2007



ESF letter to Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson on the external aspects of competitiveness – 21 March 2006



ESF Fourth Position Paper on the temporary movements of persons (Mode 4) – 11 April 2005



Discussion paper on GATS emergency safeguard measures – 2004



ESF New Priorities for the DDA – 5 November 2003

Joint Business Charter for Cancun: Support for the WTO multilateral trading system – 4 September 2003

Call for progress on reaching a WTO agreement on trade facilitation – 25 June 2003

Call towards progress on a multilateral agreement on trade and competition – 20 May 2003

Call for an effective launch of a multilateral agreement on trade and investment 30 April 2003



ESF Second Position Paper on Public Procurement in Services – 25 November 2002

ESF Position Paper on the desirabilty of Emergency Safeguard measures in the GATS – 20 September 2002



Declaration of the European services industries: Call for the launch of a new WTO round in Quatar – September 2001

Domestic Regulation: Preliminary discussion paper – 5 June 2001

ESF Commentary on Domestic Regulation Draft Disciplines by WTO WPDR – 5 June 2001



Second ESF Position Paper on the temporary movement of Key business personnel – 8 November 2000

ESF Comments on emergency safeguard measures – 4 May 2000

ESF revised paper on GATS 2000: Improvements in scheduling commitments – 4 May 2000



ESF Preliminary views on “Trade and Investment” – 23 November 1999

Declaration of the European services industries for the third WTO ministerial conference towards the millenium round – 25 October 1999

ESF First Position Paper on the Temporary Movement of Key business personnel – 19 October 1999

Preliminary views on subsidies in services in the GATS framework – 12 July 1999

Position Paper on GATS horizontal issue: Domestic regulation and the development of pro-competitive regulatory principles – 3 May 1999

Position Paper on GATS horizontal issue/ GATS 2000/ Impreovements in scheduling committments – 3 May 1999

ESF position paper on GATS horizontal issue: GATS 2000 and emergency safeguard measures – 3 May 1999

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