Noel Clehane

2017 to 2021

Noel Clehane has been elected ESF Chairman on 12th October 2017.

Noel Clehane is the Global Head of Regulatory & Public Policy Affairs at BDO and is a very experienced chartered accountant with almost 30 years’ experience of practice and high-level public affairs in the accounting profession and broader financial services sector. He coordinates the involvement of the BDO network globally in regulatory and public policy affairs by developing, overseeing and ensuring execution of its public policy strategy. His primary qualification is that of Chartered Accountant being a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland and also both a Fellow and Council Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. He has extensive involvement in many related extracurricular activities. He is based at the BDO Global Office at Brussels, Belgium.

Noel Clehane Biography

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